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The Gardener's Atlas , by Dr. John Grimshaw of Colesbourne, Gloucestershire (U.K.), explores the histories of many of the world's most popular cultivated plants and reveals how and where they grew in the wild. It relates extraordinary and uplifting tales of their discovery in some of the remotest regions on earth -- tales of determination and perseverance, of barter and exchange, and of international friendship struck up between enthusiastic horticulturists from the 1500s onward.

There are insights into how plants that are now simply decorative were once used for medicinal or cosmetic purposes, for food or ritual, and into how they earned their common or Latin names. This is a book which cannot fail to enrich your gardening experience.

Bobby J. Ward was the North American consultant for Dr. Grimshaw’s book.


Critical Acclaim of The Gardener's Atlas


"The format and presentation makes an interesting and visually beautiful way to learn about plants and botany!."

American Herb Association Quarterly, 2003

"A fascinating reference... tales of intrigue and adventure... avid gardeners might find themselves reading it cover to cover."

Oklahoma City Oklahoman, March 04, 2004

" Reads like the great adventures of plant hunters... a truly unique publication.... All true plant lovers should have this volume added to their reference library.. "

—John Bagnasco, Garden Compass , November 01, 2004

" ...One of the most interesting and adventurous books I've seen about our popular plants and their origins ... It's a delightful and informative reference book to own.."

—Stuart Robinson, Montreal Gazette, January 06, 2000






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