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Gardening enthusiasts and those who love to read about gardening will be delighted by this new collection of Elizabeth Lawrence's work. A gifted landscape architect and writer, Lawrence (1904-85) chronicled her experiences with plants in a voice treasured for its distinctive blend of horticultural expertise and stylistic elegance. Through her six books, all still in print, Lawrence continues to inspire an ever-widening circle of dedicated readers everywhere. Between 1932 and 1978, Lawrence wrote more than fifty articles for gardening magazines, newsletters, and plant society bulletins. These writings--uncovered in a seven-year search and collected here for the first time--offer further testament to her talent for conveying practical details in an engaging, literate manner. A Garden of One’s Own is edited by Barbara Scott and Bobby J. Ward.


Critical Acclaim of Writings of Elizabeth Lawrence


"The practical advice she gives about specific plants . . . and the liveliness of her writing make this volume of interest to all gardening collections."

Library Journal

"Lawrence is a southern belletrist of the gardening world. . . . This book rocks one gently like a swing sofa on a stilled porch among bleached cushions, the chattering of a cardinal and the chink of tea cups."

— New Plantsman, Royal Horticulture Society

"This newest Lawrence book is a good read, perfect to pick up and enjoy on a wintry evening by the fire. Her charming, personal and informative writings probably will lead you on to read more of Elizabeth Lawrence, if her books are not already treasures on your garden bookshelves. Savor them all. "

—Sandra Ladendorf, Rock Garden Quarterly

"Wonderful reading with useful information tucked in--a special treat for southeastern gardeners, though it is not necessary to live there to savor this graceful book."








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